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Living Healthy

You know when you have a glimpse of a better life, or a wilder you, and  you just don’t know how to get there? I coach people who are inspired, curious and motivated to design lifestyles and spaces that bring them joy and energy.


I believe in our bodies. They are profoundly kick-ass at telling us what they need. The most natural thing in the world is to...sloooow….down,  listen and feel. I have witnessed and coached literally hundreds of people to make shifts and breakthroughs in the design of their dream life. Why not you?

The Results


Confidence + hope for a healthy body


Greater self-awareness of what gives you joy and fulfillment


Integration of natural living and an up-leveled holistic lifestyle 


"I hired Heidi to work with me on my scoliosis and pre-op health. She was so attentive to my concerns and offered her immense knowledge on what foods help with your immune system and chronic pain. Her warmth and calm spiritual presence gave me hope for a healthy body after my full spinal surgery. The doctors were amazed at how prepared I was for this very invasive corrective surgery, both physically and emotionally. Her guidance and demonstration of what I could do on yoga was very supportive, as I was physically declining due to the scoliosis and disc degeneration. She is a bright light of hope, courage and love. "

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Take your health and joy into your own hands

Heidi Michelle works with motivated individuals and organizations as a catalyst for holistic health, through the practices of mindfulness, nutrition, movement and dynamic, personalized lifestyle coaching.


Understanding what your body and mind need to thrive takes time, consistency and compassion. Lifestyle changes and personal paradigms are the primary factors determining your vitality and overall satisfaction in life.

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