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Living Healthy

You know when you have a glimpse of a wilder you, or a richer life, and  you just don’t know how to get there? I coach extraordinary people who are inspired, curious and motivated to design lifestyles that bring them joy, energy and fulfillment.


What is Holistic Coaching?  It is 360 degree curiosity - a dip into each pie slice of your life; professional, personal, relationships, health, mind and spirit.  We slow down to acutely attune to your deepest desires and needs, then shift and integrate how you function. 

I have witnessed and coached hundreds of people in making subtle change and grand breakthroughs in actualizing peace, pleasure and wellness.  Why not you?

The Results


Confidence, hope and empowerment for a vibrant body, mind and life


Concrete awareness of what gives you joy and fulfillment


Physical, mental + emotional healing in harmony with your truth


"Heidi is an amazing Lifestyle Coach!  I am truly inspired by the way she crafts questions to dig deeper into tough topics and emotions.  She has a way of making me feel safe and comfortable to share my truth...both with her and out loud to myself.  She suggests a variety of integrations that are both relevant to my personal goals and connected to deeper progress or challenge. I have benefited from these months of her coaching in many ways: spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. Thank you, Heidi, for sharing your wisdom, heart and mind with me!" - Courtney

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Take your health and joy into your own hands

Purpose: Understanding what your body and mind need to thrive takes time, consistency and compassion. Personal paradigms, nervous system regulation and lifestyle changes are the primary factors determining your vitality and overall satisfaction in life.


Process: Heidi Michelle works with motivated individuals and organizations as a catalyst for holistic health, through the practices of curiosity, empowerment, mindfulness, nutrition, movement and dynamic, personalized mentoring + coaching.

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