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Heidi Michelle

Heidi introduces people to what natural, healthy living can feel like --- how to move through your day with ease, joy and play.

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Meet Heidi

Hi, I’m Heidi Michelle, a curious coach, leader, teacher, co-creator & your biggest fan. There is a way to live beyond what the world tells you. Tell me, what do you want? I mean really want? I am here to guide you in designing a lifestyle and environment in accordance with your innermost guide and guru, and empower you to live whole-heartedly. You are possible.

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Upcoming Events

  • July 9-11 | Donner Lake, California

  • Saturday, June 19 | Donner Lake, California

  • Tuesday, June 29 | Virginia Lake, Reno, Nevada

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Living Healthy

Holistic Lifestyle Design

Yoga Therapy

Sacred Space + Garden Design

A whole life assessment, discovering areas of imbalance, satisfaction and dissatisfaction. We will then work closely to “turn the dials,” increasing fulfilment, joy, health and energy, taking baby steps or giant leaps.

Using the practices and philosophies of yoga, we will work together to stabilize and balance your mental, emotional and physical states.

Your home is your sanctuary. Whether it’s a small sacred corner, or a garden sanctuary, Heidi will support and guide you in creating spaces that please you and let you feel at home in your home.