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Get Radical, Already by Heidi Michelle

Radical change requires radical determination...

If you voted this week wanting radical change and you now think the results fumbled that plan, think again.

If you voted this week expecting a fresh, shiny new outcome for humanity and are angry because those ideals now seems impossible, think again.

If you want radical change, go ahead and get radical, already.

But, get radical with yourself, please.

There are likely things that you know with 100% certainty need to change in your life and/or lifestyle. What are you waiting for?!!!

Your body speaks to you all the time about the changes it wants. Are you listening?

Your mind chats away insistently about the changes that you know would make your life and relationships better. Are you making those changes?

Whether you are lamenting or celebrating the outcomes of our national choices this week, you have absolute control over your personal choices in this country. So make them!

Let’s get real. If you aren’t willing to make your own personal revolution happen, how can you expect radical change to happen around you?

Plain and simple, there are things that we have control over and others we don’t. You want change to happen “out there,” you’ve got to first come to a self-reckoning and get radical with yourself.

This is an inside job.

If you want change, make it happen. It is not up to our governmental bodies, elected officials and higher ups to create the homes, families, health, neighborhoods, schools and communities we want to live in. Get resolute in your desire to change your life and you will be stronger and more able to help those around you.

I did.

I want to share some changes I made in the last few years that I felt strongly about. These were not easy. Change is not always easy. Radical change requires radical action and strong determination, I discovered. I knew I could no longer not listen to the voices within me screaming out for me to change.

Radical changes I’ve made and why: – I quit drinking coffee 3 years ago, after 20 years of enjoyment. I read it promotes “hot flashes” for Peri-menopausal women. My hot flashes stopped immediately. – I withdrew all of my retirement funds from the funds I had invested in 20 years ago because they were no longer in alignment with my current, adult value system. – I started turning off all blue screens in my home (cell phones, computers, ipads) at least 2 hours before bedtime because they keep our brains in active brain wave activity, inhibiting our ability to get good rest. – I forgave a very difficult person in my life and began to bridge our differences. – I get out in nature almost every day. Compelling studies show that gazing upon nature increases the “feel good” neuro-chemicals and decreases stress hormones. – I stopped buying any and all drinks that come in plastic bottles. None. Zero. Zilch.

These are a few of the things I felt strongly about. Your turn, Warriors. What will you commit and follow through with? What do you know in the core of your being is your next evolution?

Here are some suggestions. Go look inside:

– Look inside of your refrigerator. If you see processed, suger-filled non-foods, get rid of them! It’s radical, yes! Get to the market and shop in the produce isles. Google how to make healthy stir-fries with coconut oil, yummy salads with nuts, crumbled cheeses and avocado. Stop eating pasta, bread and grains that are not whole and/or sprouted. Get radical with your eating.

– Go look into your closets. How many pairs of shoes, outfits or coats do you really need? Are you buying to impress or to enjoy your life? Pack up a box of unneeded clothes and shoes and march it to a local charity. Get radical with your consumerism.

– Go look into your medicine cabinet. Is it full of pharmaceuticals and medicines that are masking symptoms that food and exercise would remedy? Start slow and get help, if you need it. Your health is possible and there are options that don’t support the big pharmaceutical companies and do support you taking your health into your own powerful hands. Get radical with your health.

– Go look into the mirror. See yourself. Are there places in your heart that are harboring prejudice, bigotry, racism or sexism in even minute amounts? Forgive yourself first. You are a product of your upbringing. Then, start “adulating.” You are now a full-fledged, functioning and capable adult, able to change through awareness and diligence. Begin to examine these habits and beliefs. Begin to change your thinking around others and yourself. Respect for all life is much more enjoyable than the harboring of hatred. Have fun with this and soften your heart. Get radical in your heart.

What else? What else is your body telling you? What else is your heart nagging you about?

You’ve got this. We’ve got this. We are the change, Warriors. Begin it now.

With so much support and belief in you and for your radical self-revolution, Heidi Michelle

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