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Pinch me, please

About 7 years ago, I was walking through the cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico with my yoga mat strapped to the outside of my backpack.

A couple stopped me to ask where I practice. I said, “In the park, by myself,” and somehow it was revealed that I teach yoga. They inquired about doing a private session with me and I had to decline as I was leaving the country the next morning.

This prophetic moment planted a seed in the Universal field of possibility.

Tomorrow, I travel to Central Mexico to teach 3 master workshops for 3 amazing yoga studios. I was invited. I said yes. It’s been a long and windy road returning me to this reality. Grateful, to say the very least. Life flows full circle toward strong intentions.

Dreams sometimes manifest in ways we can’t immediately see clearly.

I can find myself illogically frustrated at times with the slow pace of manifestation. “I want it now!” is the conditioning of my upbringing. I grew up in Los Angeles in the ’80s, the “Me” era. A time of national abundance and consumer mayhem. We hung out in malls, wanted the latest, greatest doohickey, clothes and cars to keep up with those greedy Joneses. Conversations of sustainability and conservation came much later to my awareness. I believe it has been a slow awakening for many of us around the knee-jerk ways that we demand having it all.

Now, what I really want is much more profound than a new pair of shoes. I want peace. I want a healthy body and planet. I want to live in alignment with my values and purpose. These things take time to shake down. Cultivating an inner environment of patience is key.

Hold true to your visions. The Universe conspires to fulfill your righteous and holy wishes.

I humbly bow down to each precious soul I will have the honor of connecting with in Mexico this week and offer the best of myself for the enrichment of our Human Family.

Namaste, Heidi Michelle

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