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Self Love, Schmelf Love by Heidi Michelle

I straddle that proverbial fence when it comes to the ever-so-popular pursuit of “self love.”

To sit with the sole intention of cultivating self love has proven a worthless endeavor.

I find I like & respect myself most when I’ve done a good deed, been in integrity with my values or enjoyed a long bike ride.

At times, I practice squaring up with myself in the mirror, gazing into my own eyes and saying, “I love you,” with sincerity. Sometimes it feels genuine. Oftentimes, it feels hokey.

I find self love to be in-continuous, illusive & perhaps dependent upon how I’ve been treating myself & others.

They say love is an “action.” I can SAY, “I love you,” then slap you in the face.Truthfully, I’d rather practice kindness and good-ness.

My mind is going to constantly give me conflicting stories about myself, the world & others.

Yet, I can soak in a hot bath or go to bed early if I’m tired. I can eat healthy food & drink plenty of water. I can be be kind to myself in these ways. I can be kind and compassionate to others and this is when I find that I actually like the woman I am.

Liking the person I’ve become, that’s important to me. That I can climb to the other side of the fence for.

To Your Self-Like, Heidi Michelle

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