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This One Time, in Savasana…by Heidi Michelle

Heidi Michelle giving "hands on" support during Savasana, Corpse Pose. Savasana is the final posture we practice in a Yoga series. This is a time of integration and relaxation before rising up to meet the world.

Remember that one time in Savasana when the space between your ears really did empty?

Remember how it felt to rest your mind in between your thoughts, as if deep space were really inside your own head? Remember how your body felt? Like it was literally melting into the floor while floating above your mat?

Euphoric. Light. Engulfed in a timeless, calm stillness..

Remember taking that first deep breath, enlivening your limbs and rolling slowly, oh-so-slowly, onto your side to rest your head on the soft flesh of your inner upper arm?

Do you recall finding your way to your seat as if you were dripping upward, as if your limbs and head had shed pounds of unwanted weight?

Do you remember bringing your palms to touch in front of your settled heart, taking a final collective breath, bowing your forehead toward the Earth in reverence for the teachings, that precious moment and divinity itself?

Remember how good you felt when you stood up onto your own two grounded feet? Recall how you felt re-charged, inspired and peaceful?

How for so many days you returned, willingly and ease-fully, to a place of equanimity even, and especially, when things didn’t go as planned?

How grateful you felt each time you took a deep breath, stopped to gaze into a flower or the eyes of a loved one?

How you just couldn’t shake that deep-down sensation of oneness?

How you recognized every man, woman and child as a perfect being of the universe, including yourself, and you couldn’t imagine ever knowingly harming another living thing?

And how violence, cruelty and injustice didn’t make any sense anymore?

Remember how you went about making a difference as much as you possibly could and how people’s well-being became more important than having things or being right?

Recall how amazing that felt? Remember how it lasted forever? Remember that that is still how you feel? Remember?

Let us all remember.

Blessings and Wisdom, Heidi Michelle

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